Plant Milk Taste Test!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Get the full scoop on plant milk with Laura Atherton, Pat Fenton and I!

Where to start?

For a lot of people, the thought of going vegan can be overwhelming! Although some people go vegan overnight, it's very rare and it's something that's a viable option for most people, myself included. I gradually went vegetarian and adjusted to that for a year before I went vegan. There's no right or wrong way to transition, but a lot of people want to know: where do you start? Well here's an idea, just start by replacing one thing at a time. For example, the first item I replaced when I went vegan was dairy milk!

Plant Milk Alternatives

The market is currently flooded with a dozen different plant-milk alternatives, where does one even start? I decided to tackle this question with the help of my friends Laura Atherton (who is vegetarian) and Pat Fenton (omnivore). We tried five different plant-milks and assessed them based on price, texture, taste and colour. If you want to be entertained and informed, you can watch the video here (on my YouTube channel Cooking with Jackie B.) but here's a quick overview.

#1: Soy Milk

Pros: Accessible, cheap, not too rich, a little sweet, high in protein, tastes good in coffee

Cons: Not great in plain cereal

Review:Group favourite

#2: Almond Milk

Pros: Low in calories, available everywhere, cheap, good in smoothies + protein shakes

Cons:Bitter, thin, similar to water

Review: Group's least favourite

#3: Cashew Milk

Pros: Cheap, becoming more accessible, sweet, creamy

Cons: Not great if you have a nut allergy

Review: Group's second favourite!

#4: Oat-Quinoa Milk

Pros: Cheap, doesn't need to be refrigerated

Cons: Tastes a bit like dirt

Review: Just get pure oat milk if possible! It's much better.

#5: Pea Milk

Pros: Tastes very similar to dairy milk, thick, creamy, pure white colour

Cons: Not very accessible (yet), some brands are expensive

Review: Will be a great choice once it's more widely available.

Plant milk also comes in the comes in the form of rice, hemp, coconut, macadamia and the list goes on. Not only do plant milks use less water and produce less greenhouse gasses than dairy milk, they also prevent you from contributing to the abuse and horrors of the factory formed dairy milk industry.

Check our reactions and further discussion of these five plant milks in the video! What's your favourite plant milk and why?

Edited by Julia Moran

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