4 Easy Spicy and Sour Vegan Snacks

Looking for more delicious snack ideas? I've got you covered with some easy spicy and sour snacks to satisfy all your cravings.

By Allegra Pearl

I'm back with Part 2 of my favourite vegan snack idea, today I'm going to share my favourite spicy and sour foods.

Spicy Snack

1. Wasabi Green Peas

I personally don't have the strongest stomach for spicy food. However, whenever I do find myself craving something with a spicy kick I always choose wasabi coated green peas. These crunchy flavourful bite size snacks are great to nibble on throughout the day. Also, if you’re feeling under the weather these spicy peas are a great way to clear your sinuses.

2. Hummus and Pita

Hummus is considered an absolute staple in the vegan community, so I'd be remise if I left it off this snack list. At the grocery store you can usually find a huge array of different flavours to choose from (beet, garlic, red pepper), but my favourite is usually one of the spicy ones! I like to pair this simple snack with some fresh pita, pita chips or some fresh veggies. Looking for a way to keep this dish cheap and zero waste? Try making your hummus at home, that way you can also have control over the level of spiciness.

Sour Snacks

3. Grapefruit

When it comes to picking my favourite sour snack, I am torn between two excellent options. In order to truly do this category justice, I decided to list my favourite healthy sour snack as well as my favourite guilty pleasure sour snack. When in the mood for something healthy, a big fan favourite of mine is grapefruit! Drizzling some sugar on top of this sour treat makes for a sweet addition. Grapefruit is a great healthy snack as this citrus fruit is jam packed with nutrients, antioxidants and fibre.

4. Skittles

However, when I find myself craving some sour candy, I cannot resist Sour Skittles. These are definitely not health food, but we all sometimes need a treat to satisfy our sour cravings and these are definitely one of my favourite vegan candy options.

When it comes to vegan snacks, the sky's the limit. Hope you take some time to check out a few of these snacks next time you're hungry, or go back and check out my list of sweet and salty snacks. Let me know what you think on our latest Instagram post!

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